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It's not your fault.

BONUS #1:  Liberated CEO Academy

Email & Opt-in Page Templates

Pre-written fill in the blank emails and landing page copy.

Repurposing Content Like a Boss

Learn how to create content once and use it in multiple places.

Canva Template


Add your content to ready-made lead magnet and social media templates.

"I was seriously blown away with the content and quality of the information Tai provided.

You are supposed to over give as a information provider, Tai did just that over gave again and again. When I was ready to use the information she generously provided, it helped me to move forward in my business in a powerful way."

-Veronica Hislop, Woman's Empowerment Coach

What other people say about working with me...

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Our offerings are not positioned as a “get rich scheme.” There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Any examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. 

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on your investment of time, your consistency in participating in the program, whether or not you implement the ideas and strategies mentioned, and your finances, knowledge, skills and personal work ethic. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we are not responsible for any of your actions, nor can we guarantee your success or income level. 

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And I'm an implementer; I've learned that no matter how many good ideas I have, none of it matters if I don't actually take action and implement.

I also know how to create systems and frameworks that make implementation easy and enable people to go from stuck to started and get results.

Now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor as a full-time entrepreneur, working from wherever I want and having more control over my time, income, and life

Let Me Show You Why This Is Different From Anything You've Experienced Before

#1 - This 6-month accelerator focuses on strategy + training + accountability + implementation.

The Traffic Generation Cheat Sheet

Our three-step process for generating traffic to our lead magnets.

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sales) System

Map out your entire sales process from traffic to on-boarding.

Apply for the Liberated CEO Accelerator

Value: $2500

Value: $499

Value: $299

Value: $299

Value: $199

FREE Ticket to the live Quiz to Clients Bootcamp! 

Value: $5000

  • TOGETHER, we will identify the perfect quiz title
  • TOGETHER, we will design your quiz framework and questions
  • TOGETHER, we will create your quiz landing page 
  • TOGETHER, we will write your results and email copy (using our rapid content creation template) 
  • TOGETHER, we will set up your quiz platform and build your email automations
  • TOGETHER, we will craft your promotional emails and social marketing copy (pre-written templates provided)
  • and finally, we will map out your quiz marketing strategy TOGETHER

"Tai has truly been a Godsend to me and my business...Because of her, my business took off in 2019.

I came to her with nothing to show for my years of hard work in my business.  I was not getting clients, I was frustrated and did not know what to do or where to turn.  I hopped on a 45 minute strategy session with her and in that short time, she had my entire year mapped out. To say I was astonished and shocked was an understatement!

Not only did she hold my feet to the fire, she encouraged me and went beyond what a normal “coach” or consultant would do for a business.  She answered all my questions, always had bright ideas and she really challenged me to think and act bigger than I ever did before.  At times, I was more afraid not to try than to try things her way.

She dealt with my insecurities, doubt, and fear, like it was nothing. Because of her, my business took off in 2019.  I wrote a #1 bestselling book, appeared in Forbes Magazine and even spoke on stages around the world!  Not bad right?  It’s only getting better in 2020!  I highly recommend you all work with Tai.

She is worth the price of admission because she gets you RESULTS!!!"

-Precious "The Killer Pitch Master"" Williams, author, speaker, and founder of Perfect Pitches by Precious

I'm going to share everything I know about generating leads and converting them into paying clients so you can grow your business. I lay out the complete framework I use in my business every month. There's no holding back and I don't give you a lot of hype or fluff. What I provide is 100% help via proven strategies that have worked for me and my clients, templates, swipe files, and the most amazing resources that I am confident will help you get more leads and more sales.

So here's the deal...

If you show up and do the work, but don’t have a system for generating leads within 30 days and aren’t clearly headed down a more profitable path, I’ll offer you two 1:1 Strategy Calls to get you back on track. These are full-fledged sessions I charged $1500 for.

I know that if you show up, do the work and use the tools, you WILL increase your sales confidence and grow your client base. What you're going to learn has worked for coaches, consultants, speakers and service-based entrepreneurs and will for you if you invest the time and effort in our process.

Facebook Ads Masterclass

Everything you need to know to start using Facebook ads to generate leads and sales.

Value: $499

Want to build a quiz as your lead magnet? You get to join me for a live 3-Day Training where I'll help you build your quiz and create a launch plan for it.

When you join the Liberated CEO Accelerator you get access to coaching, training, templates, and technical support for the 6 key areas that help you get to consistent 5-figure months.

After spending years being Facebook rich and profit poor, I took my business from barely breaking even to consistent 5-figure months. 

By growing my email list from 1,700 subscribers to over 12,000 in less than 4 months, I was able to more than triple my income and make more than what I earned in my last corporate gig.

And I did this on my own terms. 

I studied, tested, and invested in learning how to get my content and offers in front of more of the right people. 

You're brilliant at what you do. You have the skills, experience, and expertise that solves a problem people are willing to pay for. But it's been hard to consistently attract a steady flow of high-ticket clients.

You've tried...

What You Get When You Join the Accelerator!

  • You'll start with an audit so you know exactly what to focus on first to start generating income. 
  • Weekly Accountability Calls: We'll kick off each Monday with some inner work to keep you on track and growing, so your business can do the same.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls a new task-based training module and templates will be released. You'll want to set aside at least 2 hours a week to attend, watch replay and implement.
  • Monthly Private Coaching Call: This is a 1:1 call to help you keep you on track with your goals and make sure you are focused on the right things.
  • 6 Month Access to the Lead Momentum Software. The all-in-one platform includes: Landing pages, email marketing and automation, client scheduling, CRM and course delivery. 
  • Monthly Co-working Sessions. The first Saturday of each month you'll have a structured work session where you can actually get things done.
  • Access to the private Community!
  • Everything will be recorded.

#2 - I'm not just going to tell you what to do, I'm going to show you:

#4 - You'll have an all in one platform for your marketing.

A 6-month program for coaches, consultants and service-based agencies ready to experience consistent 5-figure months.

How to Map Your Sales Funnel

Creating Your Monthly Content Calendar

How to Grow Your Facebook Group

How to Set Up and Run Your Facebook Ads

Setting Up a Social Listening Campaign

How to Set Up Your Follow Up System

Being more visible on social media but it doesn't bring in the right clients (or enough of them).

Paying for Facebook ads but they didn't work and you don't understand what all the fuss is about.

Relying on referrals. But they are few and far between making your income unreliable.

  •  the need to spend hours a day on social media scrambling for leads
  • struggling to write compelling content that attracts and converts your ideal client avatar
  • fumbling through sales conversations because you don't know what to say and are insecure about your offer.

But what if you had a repeatable system for creating predictable income...every single month?

If you are tired of cookie-cutter programs, untouchable coaches, or trying to piece things together with low-ticket products that you buy but never use, you are in the perfect place.

Most service businesses have a hard time growing because they don't have an automated system for generating qualified leads.

And without a a steady stream of qualified leads, they stay struggle to hit consistent $10K months

Then, most coaching programs tell you what to do, but don't give you the training, tools, templates and time to actually implement things so you get real results.

Now It's Your Turn!

Imagine having a system for creating consistent 5-figure months that takes away...

We've helped hundreds of women learn how to market effectively so they can raise their rates and attract and convert the clients they deserve. 

Now I'm opening up our flagship 6-month coaching program that provides strategy, training, templates, tools, and coaching to help you get the same results.

#3 - 50% of the work is done for you.

And then there's the coaching. 

You get access to me and my team of experts each week.

Introducing the

Liberated CEO Accelerator


The most comprehensive marketing and business growth program for service-based entrepreneurs ready to thrive with consistent 5-figure months.

Who am I?

I'm the CEO of That Marketing Team and creator of Quiz & Grow Rich Funnels. 

An award-winning instructional designer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience designing learning programs for Fortune500 companies and tech start ups.

Emem Washington

Theresa Noye

Dionne Watts-Williams

Tanya Smith

Dawn Michaela

Alexandra Merritt

We'll do a full audit of your current marketing to uncover what's working, what's not working, what's missing and what opportunities and resources you need.

You'll choose and implement a strategy for driving traffic and generating leads based on your budget and how fast you want to scale things.

Every week you'll check in with your progress, wins, and questions PLUS get access to live group coaching.

How to set up your Client Acquisition System so you generate leads on autopilot.

The right tools so you avoid spending money on things you don't need.

The latest techniques that 6-figure businesses use to fill their pipeline and close high-ticket clients every single month.

No starting from scratch and no buying stuff you really don't need. 

You'll choose one of three lead generation paths to build for your business. We have pre-built work-flows and swipe files based on what you need to move the needle in your business: Lead Gen, Webinar, or Consultation.

You'll get access to templates, videos, and swipe files (content templates) that make it easy for you to implement and start generating leads on autopilot.

Your enrollment includes full access to our Lead Momentum All-in-One Marketing platform valued at $297/month.

It comes with pre-designed templates and content for your landing pages, CRM, calendar, and email marketing.

You can also host your courses and sell them via Stripe through the platform.

  • getting stuck with technology because you are overwhelmed with too many different platforms
  • confusion about what kind of sales funnel you need and how to build it 
  • overpaying for platforms and one-off trainings that don't help you get more of the clients you want

The Set Up

  • Getting Clarity on Your Ultimate Avatar + Profitable Problem
  • Refining Your Branding & Messaging
  • Designing Your High-Ticket Offer

The Build Up

  • Creating Your Lucrative Lead Magnet
  • Building Your Lead Gen Funnel
  • Setting Up Your Flawless Follow Up System

The Turn Up

  • Setting up Your Traffic Generation Strategy
  • Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Designing Your 90 Day Sales Map

The Rev Up

  • Mastering Marketing and Sales 
  • Automating Your Sales Funnels
  • Optimizing Your Revenue Generation

You Get Access to Our Marketing SOPs 

Standard Operating Procedures include tools, templates and swipe files for the systems you need to execute your marketing every single month.

Ready to Claim Your Spot and join the #1 Accelerator for service-based entrepreneurs?

The Scale Up

  • Optimizing Your Operations with SOPs
  • Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Building Your Dream Team to Expand Your Impact and Income

The Grow Up

  • 6-figure Business Models
  • Creating and Selling Digital Products
  • Creating and Selling Online Courses and Membership Programs


BONUS #2:  Leads Lab Membership

Weekly lead generation strategies and clinics on how to bring in a stream of clients every single month. We cover the latest trends and techniques, including Facebook ads, SEO, organic tools, etc.